SkyfloX and partners, Plymouth Marine laboratory and Aufwind, have performed the first data acquisition flights over the coastal waters of the Elbe River using a seaplane carrying a multispectral sensor.

The SkyfloX team headed to the the airplane hangar, where the sensor was integrated into the wing of a LAKE Buccaneer, along with completion of its certification. Fully ready, the team performed 2 successful acquisition flights, with an onboard engineer noting the observed features and ground engineer keeping track of the flights. The flights lasted a couple of hours each and focused on features of interest observed in the coastal waters of the Elbe River.

The main objective of the AIR-SOS study (AIRborne & Satellite Observation Strategies for marine litter monitoring) is to evaluate the capability of sensors to detect marine litter. The data from these flights will be used to validate and assess marine litter detection methods. In addition, the know-how from the flight tests and established procedures will support future campaigns.

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