SkyfloX and partners have entered a European Space Agency contract to validate and assess plastic marine litter remote detection, paving the way for a consistent marine litter service using SkyfloX’s revolutionary constellation ORCA (Optical and Radio frequency Constellation on Aircraft).

The AIR-SOS (AIRborne & Satellite Observation Strategies for marine litter monitoring) study aims to address the problem of limited validation data by collecting high quality and high resolution in situ data over the coastal waters outside of the Elbe River in central Europe. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the capability of sensors flown in demo flights to detect marine litter and validate algorithms used to process the acquired data. This will be performed alongside Sentinel-2A/B MSI data.

Full press release here.

Elbe river delta pictured in-flight by SkyfloX CTO Lyssandre Rammos – Scouting the various areas of interest for the flight test campaign