SkyfloX Awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

SkyfloX part of the #1000SOLUTIONS to change the world SkyfloX is honored to be awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to identify clean, efficient, and profitable solutions in order to accelerate their implementation and the transition to a sustainable economy. A way to take the success of the [...]

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Project AIR-SOS: Airborne & satellite observation strategies for marine litter monitoring

Background Project AIR-SOS: Airborne & satellite observation strategies for marine litter monitoring Collecting Multispectral data from floating debris using a seaplane over the Elbe River coastal waters to validate current algorithms and methodologies Marine Litter is a global issue and can be found in all the seas from the equator to the poles, and [...]

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AIR-SOS flight campaign initiated

SkyfloX and partners, Plymouth Marine laboratory and Aufwind, have performed the first data acquisition flights over the coastal waters of the Elbe River using a seaplane carrying a multispectral sensor. The SkyfloX team headed to the the airplane hangar, where the sensor was integrated into the wing of a LAKE Buccaneer, along with completion [...]

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EU Commission “Seal of Excellence” for Forest Fire Detection with ORCA

SkyfloX was awarded the European Commission Seal of Excellence for its proposal to use ORCA for early forest fire detection (project EUFOS). Forest fires are a large and worsening problem worldwide. In Europe, 2019 saw three times more wildfires than the average over the past decade (Euronews). Hundreds of lives were lost, with economic [...]

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SkyfloX and LuxSpace to evaluate AIS data collection with ORCA

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system that transmits a ship's position, to avoid collisions. This data is also widely used to create a maritime awareness picture, using this data to, for example, predict when a vessel is due to arrive in port. There however exist significant AIS data gaps, so called “white spots”, [...]

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Final Phase of Pilot Deployment Approved by European Space Agency

Luxembourg-based start-up SkyfloX has received the go-ahead from the European Space Agency (ESA) to start the final phase of the ESA co-funded pilot deployment project to develop services using its revolutionary aircraft-based Earth observation system ORCA. SkyfloX, an alumnus of the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Programme (ESA BIC), successfully finalised the first phase [...]

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Airborne Marine Litter Detection

SkyfloX and partners have entered a European Space Agency contract to validate and assess plastic marine litter remote detection, paving the way for a consistent marine litter service using SkyfloX’s revolutionary constellation ORCA (Optical and Radio frequency Constellation on Aircraft). The AIR-SOS (AIRborne & Satellite Observation Strategies for marine litter monitoring) study aims to [...]

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SkyfloX sponsored topic wins Luxembourg Spacehack!

The SpaceHack is a new 24-hour hackathon event powered by Technoport and InTech that aims at exploring the potential of future space industry ideas and turn these into concepts. This event is hosted at the Technoport, Belval (SkyfloX main offices) and sponsored by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA). SkyfloX was one of the 5 [...]

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SkyfloX @ Global Ventures Summit Luxembourg

Sillicon Valley touring Europe! SkyfloX had the honor of being invited to attend the Global Venture Summit in Belval, where more than 100 VCs and over 200 Business Angels, corporate leaders and policy makers meet and are exposed to the best and most innovative local start-up companies.

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SkyfloX attends European Parliament AI & Big Data Innovation Summit

SkyfloX was invited to present the ORCA concept at the AI & Big Data for Innovation Summit in Brussels, organised by Forum Knowledge 4 Innovation and Knowco-Collabwith. The summit aimed to evaluate any particular regulatory barriers faced by start-ups in the fields of AI and Big Data, funding challenges, or need for specific incubation support services. [...]

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