ORCA: The missing layer

ORCA helps us better understand our planet by looking at it from above. By mounting sensors on airliner aircraft, we can provide various Earth observation and Telecommunication services.

History in Short

February 1

ESA BIC Noordwijk Incubation Start

The start of a 2-year incubation programme at the ESA BIC in Noordwijk, part of ESA Space Solutions, right next door to ESA’s R&D facility ESTEC. During this time SkyfloX received extensive support from the ESA Technology Transfer & Patent offices, which played a key role in the development of ORCA
May 1

DOCS-1 ESA Contract Start

Demonstration of ORCA Constellation Services Phase 1 (DOCS-1) supported by the ESA Business Applications  programme consisted of business, technical, and regulatory evaluations of using commercial airliners as a platform for Earth observation and telecommunications, and included a flight test campaign
November 1

First Flight Test Campaign

Prototype/breadboard payload flown in flight test campaign over The Netherlands
March 1

DOCS-1 Contract Closure

SkyfloX as Prime Contractor successfully passed the European Space Agency review and starts preparations for DOCS-2
September 1

Move to Luxembourg

With the support of the Luxembourg Space Agency, SkyfloX moves its operations to the Technoport in Belval
May 1

DOCS-2 Kick-Off

SkyfloX secured a multi-million ESA contract for DOCS-2 supported by the ESA Business Applications  programme with a team of aerospace experts, including Safran Engineering Services in Germany and Euro-Composites in Luxembourg, as well as two airlines: Luxair and Transavia. This project will equip the first airliner with the ORCA payload in Q1 2021.

Frequent, high quality, low cost data

Fuelling applications for a better world

Our data quality and frequency are unrivalled


The vast number commercial flights allow for multiple daily revisit times

Spatial Resolution

Meter class resolution in various spectral bands


Even the fleet of a single airliner has significant coverage potential


ORCA payloads are accessible for maintenance, upgrades, and equipment interchangeability

Low Cost

No launch costs, and no platform/constellation operations necessary

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