High resolution, high revisit EO data

ORCA will provide multiple daily imagery with a fleet that will frequently cover most high-activity areas in Europe.

Revisit Time

The vast number commercial flights allow for sub-daily image acquisition.


Even the fleet of a single airliner has significant coverage potential

Spatial Resolution

Meter class resolution in various spectral bands

Applications & Products

HiRes DSM & 3D Point Cloud

ORCA can produce digital surface/terrain models. An excellent product for 3D city modelling, viewshed analysis, scene analysis and understanding, change detection, risk mapping, and (true) orthoimage generation.

Medium Class Thermal Orthos

ORCA can produce medium-high GSD Thermal Orthos, allowing clear discrimination between water, rocks, vegetation types and man-made structures with low albedos, which generally appear dark in the visible and NIR spectrum.

Fused Optical & Thermal

Fusion of Optical and Thermal products yield a suite of products where information is significantly more reliably extracted than can be extracted from either source alone. The THO Ortho is draped onto the MUO Ortho, where vector information is also overlaid onto the MUO.

Asset monitoring with ORCA OptiTherm

Ensure your assets are safe. ORCA is truly disruptive, as it is the only platform providing co-registered optical and thermal imaging. This, in combination with multiple daily data acquisition, makes it the ultimate system to ensure the safety of your critical assets.