DOCS-2 Kick-Off

SkyfloX secured a multi-million ESA contract for DOCS-2 supported by the ESA Business Applications  programme with a team of aerospace experts, including Safran Engineering Services in Germany and Euro-Composites in Luxembourg, as well as two airlines: Luxair and Transavia. This project will equip the first airliner with the ORCA payload in Q1 2021.

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Move to Luxembourg

With the support of the Luxembourg Space Agency, SkyfloX moves its operations to the Technoport in Belval

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DOCS-1 Contract Closure

SkyfloX as Prime Contractor successfully passed the European Space Agency review and starts preparations for DOCS-2

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DOCS-1 ESA Contract Start

Demonstration of ORCA Constellation Services Phase 1 (DOCS-1) supported by the ESA Business Applications  programme consisted of business, technical, and regulatory evaluations of using commercial airliners as a platform for Earth observation and telecommunications, and included a flight test campaign

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ESA BIC Noordwijk Incubation Start

The start of a 2-year incubation programme at the ESA BIC in Noordwijk, part of ESA Space Solutions, right next door to ESA's R&D facility ESTEC. During this time SkyfloX received extensive support from the ESA Technology Transfer & Patent offices, which played a key role in the development of ORCA

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