The ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow in Darmstadt will demonstrate how the European Union’s Copernicus satellite programme helps us all better understand our planet; and creates jobs and business opportunities. The event, which will include an expo area with interactive tools, business presentations, interactive masterclasses dedicated to real business cases (e.g. how to deal with heat islands in cities), and network/matchmaking sessions, will provide a multitude of benefits to participants of all ages and all walks of life.

SkyfloX, together with Safran Engineering Services, “unusual suspects” in the world of Space-based Earth Observation, will provide a Keynote speech on the 12th of June. Lyssandre Rammos (Head of Aviation Certification @ SkyfloX) and Wolf-Godart von Drachenfels (VP, Head of Design Organisation at Safran Engineering Services in Hamburg) will discuss what it takes to modify and certify aircraft, and illustrate how ORCA is the missing layer: a valuable additional source of Earth observation information to help enhance the Copernicus satellite programme.